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Profile Cutting Machine is a heavy duty foundation mountable cutting machine, it can be used for large duplication type jobs particularly large production untiring multiple shift production application. This is simplest and one of the most accurate magnetic tracing systems, which help in maintaining repeatability of the flame, cut parts.

It saves production time, material, wastage as well as finishing operations of components. Fully complete basic raw materials like: Rings, Stripes, Hooks, Gussets, Ribs, Supports, Circles, Blanks, Tops and Bottoms, Side Plates of odd profile shapes of thickness ranging from 5 mm to 250 mm in mild steel are available.
Cutting Thickness: 5 mm to 250 mm thick mild steel.
Machine Speed: 100 mm/min to 750 mm/min (with 12.7 mm dia. roller).

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